Sambal Badjak

a sambal full of flavour.


10 Chillies
200 gr. Onions
3 cloves Garlic
12 Candle nuts
1 tsp.. Laos powder
1 tsp. Shrimp paste
3 tsp. brown Sugar
125 cc. Tamarind liquid
2 sprigs Lemon grass
25 gr. creamed Coconut
2 tbs. Oil
Salt to taste


Process Chillies, Onions, Garlic and Candle nuts in food processor into a coarse paste. Add Laos, Shrimp paste and sugar. Heat Oil in wok and add the mixture. Stir-fry until Onion are soft and slightly browned. Add Tamarind, Lemon grass, Coconut and Salt. Simmer until mix becomes thick and the oil floats on top. Remove Lemon grass. Let Sambal cool and then store in Jar. Refrigerate until needed. This should keep for 2-3 Months.
Instead of fresh Chillies you can use the equivalent amount of Sambal Oelek. This sambal is very tasty as a replacement of the fresh Chillies in my recipe for Nasi Goreng and can be used in many more of my recipes.