Easy Salad Sandwiches Recipe

The salad sandwiches recipe section is for those of you who, like myself like to eat salads as part of a good sandwich. For me a salad sandwich is a really good way to make a healthy meal that fills me up and doesn't take long to make.

To begin I will start with my favorite salad sandwich recipe. This sandwich is one I usually make in the late morning after my breakfast coffee. I'm one of those people who are rarely hungry before 10 AM so this is more of a brunch sandwich for me.

Basically I grab some ingredients from the salad crisper and throw it on some bread or a bun. I usually add some cheese, and if I'm so inclined a little sandwich meat with mustard.

For this one however I just used the ingredients listed below and whipped it up in a couple of minutes. I generally use spinach these days rather than lettuce, but that is just my preference. Any kind of salad green will do here. For the sprouts you can use any variety and the rest of the ingredients are salad staples.

I just spread mayonnaise on one side, cream cheese on the other and fill the middle as much I can with vegetables.

Green Onion
Cream Cheese


This might not seem like much of a recipe but I included it because I am not much of a breakfast eater and this type of meal seems to carry a lot farther than cereal would and doesn't bloat me and make me tired like bacon & eggs, pancakes, and the like.

I may not have the best eating habits(coffee for breakfast) but eating a sandwich full of raw vegetables must be doing me some good.

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