Fried Rice Recipe


2 cups of uncooked long-grain rice
1.5 cup of cubed ham
1.5 cup of already cooked shrimps
3 tbs of olive (or peanut) oil
3 lightly beaten eggs
1.5 cup of already cooked green peas
2 tbs of soya sauce (can be light sauce)

Prepare by steaming the rice and letting it refrigerate for a good 2 hours or more. Start heating the wok. Fry the eggs in 1 tbs of oil, the put it aside. Add the remaining oil into the wok. Unclump (breaking) the rice with a fork as it is added to the wok. Lower the heat and fry for five minutes. Then add the cubed ham, shrimps, green peas and the cooked eggs (after chopping). Stir and cook/fry for a few minutes. Add and mix the soya sauce and it is now ready to serve.

Makes four serving.

Variation: You can use two tsp of salt instead of soya sauce to make it a white rice. Instead of the ham you could use cubed chineese sausage, pork or even hotdog sausage. If you like gralic and/or onions,, you can crush or cut some into the wok before adding the rice. Any leftover you think may taste good could also be a good idea to add to this fried rice recipe.